Choosing A Qualified Home Inspector

 Looking for a house and your offer was finally accepted ? Now what ? Choosing the right home inspector ?When you’re choosing a home inspector, think twice about real estate agent referrals and instead do your own research. Hiring a home inspector before you purchase a home is a wise move, but you may not always be able to rely on trusted references or your at the mercy of your Agent. To look for an inspector yourself, simply enter your ZIP code into the websites for industry trade groups like American Society of Home Inspectors and/or International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. 
So you found a home inspector right ? Now ask to review sample inspection reports and discuss whether add-on tests such as thermal imaging for moisture or other that are advisable prior to your home inspection. Remember do your research and hire licensed and certified Inspectors. 
Square One Prof home Inspectors provide professional home inspections with an in-depth report on the current condition of the home including any needs or concerns. Remember!!! hiring Inspectors on price alone or using only an Agents recommends can leads to Inspectors cutting corners. 
You got this , do your research

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