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Water Testing Service

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NY State Home Inspector License #16000066020

Vincent Fundaro Home/Coop inspector

Brooklyn home inspector – Vincent Fundaro is a New York-based operations engineer specializing in refrigeration systems, who has extensive experience in all types of home inspection. Vinny has been in the mechanical business for over 20 years and is one of New York’s top engineers. Vinny has his own family and understands the importance of safety in your home. Whether you buy, sell, or just perform preventive maintenance, we’re here for you.

With his years of experience and expertise, you are guaranteed of top notch services when it comes to rendering excellent and quality services in home inspections, plumbing, HVAC Repair, Structural Repair, mold testingand a host of other services in the NY and Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens areas – Brooklyn home inspector.

Home inspections

NYC housing inspection – As a certified/ licensed home inspector Vincent Fundaro (Square One Home Inspectors) is passionately dedicated to providing you with valuable, relevant and time tested, verified and trusted information about your new home. We thoroughly inspect all major components, sections, and features of the property you are about to acquire to reveal unknown defects and give you professional advice on the worth and current state of the property to ascertain whether you can go ahead with the process of acquiring it or backing down. We also recommend to you and teach you on the future maintenance of your new home. Inspectors will provide you with the tentative information you need to make an informed decision.

Mold Testing

Here are the different types of mold tests that can be performed by a mold professional as part of the clean-up process.

As a Professional and as part of the clean up process, Vinny will perform different types of Mold Test on your new House. These are some of the unique step process he takes:

Sampling the air. Making use of air sampling, he will collect indoor air samples from the home. A control sample is also taken outside the house. A comparison is made between indoor and outdoor samples to determine if there are high levels of mold spores in the home that are not naturally present in the outdoor environment.

Lift the sample tape. A piece of tape placed on the areas to be tested. It is then raised and placed on a micro-glass slide. The slide is then sealed and examined by the microbiology laboratory for the presence of mold spores.

Swab test on tape. This test is rarely used because it determines the type of mold present. This test does not usually identify the number of spores, which is essential to determine if there are high levels of mold in a home. Since all molds need to be remedied, the number of mold spores is much greater than the actual types of mold. The tape swab test uses a cotton swab to wipe the surface to be tested. After touching the surfaces, the cotton swab is sent to a laboratory for examination.


Wisdom demands that prior to your decision of purchasing any building, that you hire the services of an expert Structural Inspector and Repairer. There are many cases in which, by conducting a small inspection before the purchase, the owner would have avoided their losses, which would sometimes be in the millions. Therefore, regardless of your budget, it would be wise to use a home inspector to thoroughly examine every aspect of the property you are about to buy. Building inspection reports do not simply take into account the elements visible to the naked eye. If that were the case, you would be able to do everything yourself. Most buildings are beautiful only to get people to believe they are getting the best. Beam cracks are the most common things that often go unnoticed, unless you’re looking for the right places in detail. An experienced professional would be able to spot those mistakes that may seem like a flaw in the paint line or there about. With Vinny and the the Square one Home Inspectors You have no course for alarm as we have all that taken care of. NYC housing inspection is important for any structure. – Brooklyn home inspector


HVAC inspection is very essential and is one of the most vital areas in the world. We have systems and strategies on ground that help us  access the air conditioning, ductwork, furnace, filtration, and condensing units just to ensure that you are ready to use your home. This is because one of the most unpleasant case scenarios that can happen when you are at home or when you are in the kitchen is being trapped in a house during heat season and the air conditioning system is faulty. Whichever is the case, it is really an unpleasant condition for both you and your family. This is why we take running this inspection check on your house very serious.


Water is an essential thing at home. It is essential and indispensable constantly, day and night, to cook in the kitchen and even to drink, in the bathroom. The use and need of water in the house cannot be overestimated. This is one of the major reasons why Vinny does not take the issue of Plumbing inspection casually. Passionately ensuring that the plumbing system in your new house is in a good operating condition.  He checks for leaks as this can be very annoying for home users if there is no water available for rinsing. So the Square one home inspector inspect check the functionality of incoming and outgoing water


One of the key things a home inspector checks out is the home’s electrical system, ensuring that the entrances and exits are not overloaded, as it is an essential safety measure for safety. general of the house. It has been recorded that more than 80% of fires in most apartments and buildings are caused by the faulty electrical system. Explosions and fires can cause $ 1 million damage. The building inspector therefore examines the electrical system: how is the wiring system and ensures that any fire threat is resolved immediately. – Brooklyn home inspector

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NY State Home Inspector License #16000066020
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